About Penfold Motor Group

For over 55 years, Penfold has helped generations of car buyers discover quality vehicles.

Penfold is a family owned and run business, spanning numerous generations. We’ve evolved from humble beginnings as a used-car yard in Blackburn into one of Australia’s most successful auto dealers.

We have built our reputation on brands that both celebrate their heritage and lead the sector in technical innovation. With an unrivaled knowledge of Audi, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Hyundai and Mazda, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers to source and buy premium quality vehicles in Melbourne, Australia.

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A Penfold Timeline


  • 1964: Alan Johnstone opens his first used car yard in Blackburn, described as a "tin shack with five cars".
  • 1965: Penfold Motors expands, with a yard opened in Ballarat Road, Maidstone.
  • 1966: A third yard is opened in Ringwood
  • 1968: The current Mazda site in Burwood is purchased.
  • 1964: Penfold becomes a Mazda dealer.


  • A Service and Spare Parts department is set up on Highbury Road.
  • 1977: A Mazda franchise is opened in Werribee.
  • 1978: Chrysler dealerships are opened in Burwood and Werribee.


  • Penfold Mazda Service Hawthorn opens.
  • A Holden franchise is taken on in Burwood.
  • Penfold purchases the Mazda dealership in Dandenong.
  • A Nissan dealership in Burwood is opened.
  • The Holden Workshop in Mclntyre Street is developed for Mazda service and parts.


  • 1992: Holden dealership is opened in South Yarra, which was later moved to Burnley.
  • 1992: A Eunos franchise is opened in Oakleigh.
  • 1994: A Hyundai franchise is gained in Burwood.
  • 1996: The current Audi franchise in Burwood is obtained, becoming Audi Penfold Burwood.
  • 1996: The Holden facility in Burwood is built.


  • 2001: Audi Centre Doncaster is opened.
  • 2007: Mitsubishi franchises are opened in Burwood and Burnley.
  • 2007: Prestige Park is opened on Doncaster Raod.


  • Doncaster Volkswagen opens.


  • Audi Service Penfold Malvern opens.
  • Penfold Suzuki opens.


  • Doncaster Hyundai joins the Penfold family.
  • Audi Glen Waverley opens.
  • Mazda franchise in Frankston is obtained.

The Penfold legacy

We believe that with success comes a responsibility to help others, and so we're dedicated to giving something back to the communities in which we operate. Our involvement goes beyond sponsorship. Our customers and employees live in the regions we support. As corporate citizens we believe we have a moral and social responsibility to give something back.

As an advocate of healthy, balanced lifestyles, Penfold supports a cross-section of community organisations and charitable groups committed to health, education, sport, leisure and the environment.

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